Strimmers Redditch

A strimmer, also known as a string trimmer, is a piece of garden power equipment used to help maintain your garden. In most instances, strimmers are used to cut weeds and grass, particularly in areas that are hard to access with a lawnmower. Simple to use, they feature lengthy handles so you can manage the tool whilst keeping a good distance. The casing at the bottom of a strimmer is thread with a wire line which twists quickly to trim the grass, so a sharp blade is not required. An effective and practical way to keep on top of your garden, a strimmer will enable you to create appealing borders and tidy edges.

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Our Handheld Strimmers

Our handheld strimmers are simple to use, ergonomic in design and lightweight. Furthermore, our strimmers can be used with various power sources. Give us a call today to communicate your needs, and we can help you identify a suitable product.

Choosing The Right Strimmer

Choosing the right equipment for the job can be a challenge, especially when there are several great options to choose from. If you have a sizeable outdoor space, you might want to think about opting for a cordless strimmer, so that you are not held back by cables. We source strimmers that are lightweight and easy to use, with safety features for your protection, to help you get work done efficiently.

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